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Mackarel and Pan Seared Shrimps with Mango

Mango and shrimps are the best flavour combination and this real summer recipe can be ready in less than 30 min including the preparation time. You can always ask your fishmonger to fillet your Mackarel but for shrimps, it is better to peel and devein it yourself so the shrimps stay fresher longer.

What You’ll Need;

1 Mackarel – divide to 4 small fillet

8 medium-size shrimps

3 Garlic gloves – peel and sliced thinly

1 red chilli pepper – skinned and chopped finely

Spring onion – green part only minced

1 Fresh Mango - diced

Snow Pea – cut into bite-size

½ cups fish stock

Unsalted butter

Some microgreen for garnishing


Fillet your Mackerel and divide into 4. Season with salt and pepper and keep aside.

Peel and devein the shrimps. Season with salt and pepper and keep aside

In a hot wok, saute the garlic, chilli pepper and spring onions until soft about 2 min

Add the Mango and fish stock, reduce the mixture to quarter than add snow peas and the prawn. When the prawn is almost cooked about 5 min, add butter and adjust seasoning accordingly. Turn off the fire and keep it's warm

In the meantime; heat the pan on high fire and when the pan is hot add some olive oil and butter, combine them and pan-seared your mackerel quickly, 1 to 2 min on each side.

To serve, divide the shrimps and mango mixture to 4 plates and put the pan-seared Mackerel on top and garnish with some green.



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