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Shrimps Sambal.

Shrimps Sambal is one of Malaysian favourite dishes. It usually is served with steam rice or Nasi Lemak. This is the simplest and tastiest recipe. You can add the spice level by adding or reducing the amount of chilli in the recipe.

What You'll Need;

500g medium size shrimps

20 to 30 pieces of dried chilli

1 big White onions - slice

2 garlic cloves - minced

3 tbsp tamarind juice

2tbsp sugar

1tbsp kicap manis

Pinch of salt


First prepare the shrimps by cutting the sharp edges, slice the back shell and leave the shell in-tack and devein the shrimps. Under running water wash the shrimps with one asam keping (asam gelugur).

(I prefer to cook the shrimps with the shell on to retain the flavourful juices).

Then cut the dried chilli in half and boil them in hot water for 10 min. Then pour on the colander, get rid of as many seeds as possible (so that your sambal will not be too spicy) then rinse it before blending them into a paste with a little cold water.

Slice some onion and garlic. Heat the wok with 2 to 3 tbsp of oil and fry until soft and slightly brown. Then add the chilli paste and cook and frequently stirring until there's a layer of oil on top, and then add some hot water with tamarind juice and two tablespoon sugar and some salt according to your taste. Make sure you get rid of the tamarind seed/pulp.

Lastly, add the shrimps and one tablespoon kicap manis (to make the sauce look a little darker) and cook a few minutes more until the shrimps are ready. Don't overcook the shrimps.

Serve with steam white rice and sliced cucumber. Delicious.



Treehouse Cookery.

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